Your monthly subscription comes with 24 Instagram posts, including...

Instagram Posts Curated Monthly For Aesthetic Professionals Who Want To Show Up Without Feeling Overwhelmed

1. High-Quality Photos

You can stop worrying about spending $10K on a photographer.

You can also stop the Google Image searches at midnight.

Because you'll be plenty set with high-quality stock images that are both visually stunning and seasonally appropriate.

Meet Your Insta Hero

Hey I'm Eric Martineau! πŸ‘‹

I'm an Online Marketing Strategist, Founder at GetClicked Marketing and the Original Mariah Fanβ„’. 

Having worked with aesthetic professionals & med spa owners for over 5+ years, I keep seeing the same problem over and over again:

They're not showing up enough on social media.

And frankly, I can't blame them.

Creating content and posting frequently is tough work. And they're already stressed out with other parts of their business.

That's why I created the Insta Injector - a monthly membership program to streamline the process for you so that you can start showing show up more consistently and confidently.

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Here's A Sneak Peek Of What To Expect


Get photos, captions and strategies for your aesthetic practice delivered to you monthly and grow your business by showing up consistently on Instagram (without stressing out on what to post).

Pay month-to-month with no obligation (even though I'm pretty sure you'll want to stick around).

Full Disclosure: This membership won't be open forever.

I can only take on a certain number of people to help with building their accounts.

So if this is important to you and you think you're ready, don't wait up. Click the button below to apply.

Join The Insta Injector Membership And Start Blowing Up With Likes & Followers


Build Your Following & Get More Patients Easily

Get your posts up in less than 4 minutes with high-quality stock photos and customizable captions. I'll handle the curating. You handle the posting. It's that simple.


Growing on Instagram can be tough at first. That's why I'm going to make myself available every month to answer your questions and keep you moving forward.


Get the latest strategies and hashtags to use every month so you're engaging with your followers and standing out in all the right ways.

One thing's for sure:

It's 2020. And everyone's on Instagram...

Especially your customers.

(And especially your competition...)

You know you should be showing up more on social media...

But the idea of creating content consistently gets you all frozen up like Botox...

But not to worry!

Because I've got just the thing for you.

Whether you're a professional injector or a med spa owner...

2. Customizable Captions

Hung up on what to say and how to say it?

Besides, not sure what hashtags to use or how they even work?

No sweat!

You won't be dealing with writer's block ever again with these customizable caption templates by your side.

And as for hashtags, I'll show you why and how they work during our calls.

3. Strategy Roadmap

Handing you a bunch of cool photos and captions on their own would be like giving you awesome ingredients...

... without the recipe to make a killer meal.

That's why every month, I'm going to set you up for success with the latest social strategies and tools for sharing your brand of aesthetic awesome on Instagram!

Building an Instagram following can be a long and lonely game, especially if you're just starting.

That's why I'm here to keep you going strong throughout.

With your membership, you'll have direct access to me via email to ask me any questions or share your ideas for review.

And every month, you'll have a 30m video call with me to follow up on your progress where I'll give you clear, actionable advice on what to do next.

(And who exactly am I you ask? Well...)

4. Support

The Insta Injector is a monthly subscription that provides you with high-quality stock photos, caption templates and strategies for building your following and getting more patients.

(All without having to sacrifice your time agonizing over what content to create.)


βœ“ 24 posts + customizable captions every month

βœ“ Posting strategy roadmap every month

βœ“ 30m coaching & review calls every month

βœ“ Direct access to me for support via emails

βœ“ No commitment, cancel any time

How do I know if this is right for me?

Well, it depends. Are you an aesthetic professional who never wants to worry about having enough appointments? Are you a marketing manager working under a doctor who doesn't want to stress about showing numbers every quarter? Or maybe you have enough patients and just want to focus on building your brand instead.

In all cases, showing up on social media is extremely crucial for your business' long-term success. And if the tricky part is finding the time and energy to do it consistently, then the Insta Injector is definitely a step in the right direction.

How much does the membership cost?

The monthly investment for the Insta Injector membership is $97 USD/month.

What if I'm unhappy with the results?

You won't be. But... in the 0.00001% chance that you're absolutely disappointed with everything, you can cancel your subscription any time. But again, I'm here to help you navigate past obstacles and pitfalls. So if you're doubtful or not sure about things, I want you to reach out so we can work things out together! Although at the end of the day, if you don't want to stick around, there's no obligation or hard feelings!

When do the calls happen?

The last week of every month. This lets us review how your month went and how you can best approach the coming month. These are 30 minute calls that I'll be hosting on Zoom. And if you'd like, you're free to ask me for a recording for later access!

I really like the sound of all of this, but can I talk to you more before making a decision?

Absolutely! Again, there's no need to pull out the credit card just yet. The first step is to fill out the application so we can connect and learn more about you and your goals. During this time, we'll go over all of your questions and concerns to make sure this is the right fit for you.

Got Questions? Great!
Because I've Got Answers...

Try it out for a month. Cancel any time. Worse case? You do a month and end up with a bunch of likes and followers (and maybe even a few consults). 

One thing's for sure though. Doing anything beats doing nothing at all. :)

Ready To Blow Up Your Instagram?


How It All Works



You'll be invited to schedule your first 30m call with me so we can go over your account, goals and anything else you need to get started.


You'll sign up for $97/month and get access to your first set of images, caption templates and strategy for that first month.


Watch your likes, comments, requests for consultations build up slowly as everyone gets to know you better now that you're showing up.


Get your photos, add your voice to the captions and map out the month to start building your following and increasing your brand's visibility.


Reach out to me with questions. Bounce ideas off me if you need to. No matter what, we'll be in touch so you're never doubting your progress.